Thoughts from a Useless Eater Podcast #2: “When the World Stopped Making Sense, Part One”

Part One of “When the World Stopped Making Sense,” an occasional series within Thoughts from a Useless Eater (see with J.Q. Useless, a podcast that seeks a better understanding of “the way things are in the world” from a Christian perspective. This edition takes a look back at horrifying missing-children case that forever changed Montgomery County, Maryland: the disappearance of Katherine Mary Lyon (aged 10), and Sheila Mary Lyon (aged 12,), on March 25, 1975. Concludes with a short look at a case 17 years later that exposed the locality to another level of evil: case of Hadden Clark, convicted of two murders in Montgomery County: Michelle Dorr, age 6, in 1986, and Laura Houghteling, age 23, in 1992.